Once skinned, your trophy should be immediately taken to the taxidemist or frozen. Please do not salt your trophy!
Shoulder Mount:

  • The more hide you save the better!
  • If possible, incision E should be eliminated and the skin should be simply rolled or "tubed" up the neck until the skull can be severed from the neck.
  • Be sure to leave the amrpits completely intact - do not cut through the armpits.
LIfesize or 1/2 lifesize

  • Follow incision in picture. This should be your only incision. Simply skin hide down the sides of body and legs.

  • Cut feet off at last joint and head off at back of skull.

  • Incision should be down the back of the back legs and the inside of the front legs.
  • Feet should be cut off at the last joint and head cut off at the base of skull.